Welcome Bonus


Roi4x extends a captivating welcome gesture to its users, presenting an alluring sign-up bonus that opens the door to exciting possibilities. Upon registration, users are granted a generous $5, a token of appreciation for joining the Roi4x community. This amount can be seamlessly invested in the entry package, paving the way for a journey of potential profits through daily returns. But that's not all – the potential for earnings multiplies through referral commissions and profit sharing, creating a holistic opportunity for growth.

This comprehensive package doesn't stop at individual gains; it's designed to foster a thriving network. Every new member you introduce adds to your sales achievements, propelling you towards higher ranks within the Roi4x system. It's a dynamic synergy of individual progress and collective advancement.

However, seize this remarkable opportunity while it lasts, as it's available for a limited time. To partake in this offer and unlock its benefits, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the associated terms and conditions, ensuring a clear understanding of the terms that govern this enticing opportunity. This blend of generosity, potential, and temporary exclusivity makes Roi4x's welcome bonus an opportunity worth exploring.

Terms and Conditions for Welcome Bonus

By using ROI4X, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.

When you embark on your journey with Roi4x, it's crucial to acquaint yourself with the regulations and guidelines that govern our platform. Our aim is to provide you with complete clarity about the operational framework so that you can maximize your experience with us:

Signup Bonus:
As an expression of our gratitude for choosing Roi4x, we extend a $5 signup bonus upon the creation of your account. This bonus serves as an initial boost as you begin your journey with us.

Investment Opportunity:
To leverage the $5 signup bonus, it's mandatory to invest it in our basic package. This investment acts as a pivotal initial step towards generating earnings.

Usage of Bonus:
The $5 bonus is exclusively intended for investment and is non-withdrawable as cash or transferable to another account. Its primary purpose is to serve as an initial investment within the platform to commence your earning journey.

Daily Earnings:
Once the bonus is invested, you'll commence receiving daily returns on your investment. These returns mirror the profits generated from your investment and are eligible for withdrawal as real funds.

KYC Verification:
In a bid to ensure security and transparency, all users are required to undergo a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process before becoming eligible for withdrawals. This step is a cornerstone of our efforts to foster a secure environment for all users.

Referral Earnings:
Our platform actively encourages growth through referrals. If you successfully refer another individual who chooses to invest their signup bonus, you'll earn a referral commission proportionate to their investment amount.

Withdrawal Limits:
While you have the freedom to withdraw earnings stemming from referral commissions at any point, it's imperative to understand that overall earnings cannot surpass four times the initial investment. This principle contributes to the equilibrium of our system.

One Account Per User:
Adherence to fairness and transparency dictates that each individual is permitted only one Roi4x account. Generating multiple accounts from the same IP address with the sole intention of benefiting from referral rewards may result in the permanent blocking of these additional accounts.

Account Blocking:
We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our platform. Instances of users creating multiple accounts solely to exploit referral benefits without genuine engagement may lead to the permanent blocking of those accounts.

Benefits of Referring:
Encouraging others to join Roi4x not only enriches their experience but also yours. Beyond referral earnings, you also stand to participate in the overall network-generated profits and ascend the ranks within our system.

Changes to Terms:
While our goal is to maintain stability, we acknowledge the potential for our terms to evolve due to various considerations. If any modifications transpire, we ensure that all users are promptly informed, enabling informed decision-making.

We're devoted to providing steadfast support throughout your Roi4x journey. Should queries arise or assistance be required, our dedicated support team is at your disposal. It's vital to bear in mind that by utilizing Roi4x, you willingly consent to abide by these terms, ensuring an equitable and gratifying experience for all participants.

"Referral Policy: There is no limit to how many friends you can refer; you can refer as many as you like. However, in a free account, your maximum earnings are capped at $8. Your account's earning potential ends here. To continue earning, you can deposit $10 and invest in the next package. Please note that you cannot repurchase the welcome package, and withdrawal requests are prohibited after adding more funds to your account. Instead, you can reinvest your earnings and withdraw your funds once you've received your return on investment (ROI).

Upgrade Bonus: If you upgrade your membership and refer friends, you can earn a maximum referral commission from up to 10 members. Additional commissions from welcome package members are not available.

Profit Sharing: You can enjoy daily profit sharing for up to 14 days from your referrals. However, please be aware that the welcome bonus will be processed between 7 to 14 working days, after which the package will expire, and you will no longer be eligible for free earnings.

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