Affiliated Plan


Roi4x opens the doors to an exceptional opportunity through its multi-tiered referral commission structure, extending across 10 levels of investment. This innovative model of engagement is a testament to Roi4x's commitment to fostering growth and shared success. The breakdown of commission percentages, from Level 1 through Level 10, offers a progressive path to earning:

Level 1: 7%
Level 2: 4%
Level 3: 2%
Level 4: 2%
Level 5: 2%
Level 6: 1%
Level 7: 1%
Level 8: 1%
Level 9: 0.5%
Level 10: 0.5%

However, what sets Roi4x's affiliate program apart is its recognition of your accomplishments. By reaching specific ranks within the Roi4x system, your journey takes on new dimensions. The transformation is significant, as your referral commission scheme evolves to encompass direct commissions that resonate with your achievement:

1 Star Rank: 10%
2 Star Rank: 11%
3 Star Rank: 12%
4 Star Rank: 13%
5 Star Rank: 14%
6 Star Rank: 15%
7 Star Rank: 20%

Affiliate marketing with Roi4x isn't just about numbers; it's about embracing a journey of growth, empowerment, and rewards. As an affiliate, you're not only introducing others to a revolutionary investment platform, but you're also becoming an integral part of a collaborative ecosystem. Your efforts contribute to the platform's expansion, and in return, you gain access to a realm of potential income and financial empowerment.

In the world of affiliate marketing, each connection you make, each referral you bring, and each rank you achieve has the power to transform your financial landscape. With Roi4x's commission structure and rewarding ranks, you're not just a participant – you're an ambassador of possibility, a catalyst for change, and a beneficiary of your own dedication. The journey of affiliate marketing is a journey of shared success, and Roi4x is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Automatic and Manual Gateway

Effortless transactions with automatic and manual gateways, providing flexibility in your payment preferences.

7 Star Ranking System

Elevate your status through our unique 7-star ranking system, recognizing your progress and dedication in style.

10-Tier Referral Earnings

Unlock boundless opportunities with our 10-level referral earning program, where your network's growth becomes your ultimate success.

Protected platform

Fortified with cutting-edge security measures, our platform ensures your investments remain under an unbreakable shield, prioritizing your peace of mind.